Saturday, November 22, 2014

For men: your holiday shopping guide...and guidelines

Last week (Nov. 20) on Facebook, I posted, “Coming soon...a men's guide and suggestions to Holiday shopping. Stay tuned.”

Well, here it is. With over 20 years in the grocery/retail related industry combined with over 26 years of marriage, maybe, just maybe there are a few things that might help my brotherhood of men. Enjoy!

1.       If she says, “I don’t want anything for Christmas,” don’t you dare believe it.

2.      Can’t emphasize this enough—LISTEN to your wives or girlfriends. When they mention something they like, inquire right then. Ask! Write it down as quickly as you can and file it away. Hey, it’s my blog; I can tell this….years ago, Santa was in a Wendy’s. As we walked in we spoke to Santa and Renita said, “Santa, don’t forget my diamond earrings.” Clue…and she loved it and when she got them she said, “How did you know?”

3.      Ask her girlfriends, co-workers to whom she is close or friends at church has she given any clues of something she would like. Then, go for it.

4.      Never make your shopping last minute. Now, you might have to “last minute” due to work or commitments, but you already know what you need. Yet, the earlier you get it the better off you are. Trust me…come out of the gates running. Because, there just might be a last minute gift or two that needs to happen—then, you’ve got the time for it.

5.     Best time to shop—Tuesday nights. Usually a slow night and you can work at a pretty good pace. Set the time aside and work your list.

6.     Ask questions for clarification of store employees that are ladies. No, I am not being sexist or anything of that nature, but if I am looking for something Renita has mentioned, I will ask a lady about it because ladies speak the same language. Plus, the ladies are trained to help pitiful looking men. 

7.      Gift cards and certificates are good as a supplemental gift…ONLY. If that’s all you will do, it appears you are not thinking about it—too last minute. Yes, I know the reason, “Well, she can get what she wants.” No, no, no, no…buy as close as you can and assure her if she’d like something else, you’ll gladly go with her and get what she’d like. Yeah, I said, go with her…we only have them once and it’s not going to kill you. 

8.     More on the gift cards and certificates…cold, hard cash works great, too. Keep the cash idea in mind for the next one...

9.     Don’t dare purchase anything that has to do with housework or weight loss. No kitchen appliances. If she asks or hints about any of these items, find out the price and give her cash. See #5 and #6.

10.  If you attempt to buy clothing, know the size. If you guess, you best guess on the smaller side. You best know the difference between petite, misses and junior, too.

11.  You have the right to say, “Baby, I love you…but the day after thanksgiving at 3 AM is not for me.” Great time for girlfriend outings. Now, if there is an item she wants and that’s the best time to get it; get with it…by yourself…or, wait until the following Tuesday.

To some guys, they might read this and say, “Man, Jeff, Renita’s got you trained.” Nope, I’m not a puppy to be whipped with a newspaper…but I love my girl. When the Lord said it was not good for man to be alone, well, I agree. I’m sure not going to disagree with the Lord.

And, I might be a sissy…but I’m a happy spoiled one!

Have a great, merry Christmas! From the Wildwood (via the hills).

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